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With our more than five decades worth of combined experiences comes a built in global network of experienced resources, which we provide to our clients through our event design process.  Rarely will you find the depth of combined network contacts in one location, such as the case at
Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel.

Our Team has planned and executed events in most major domestic markets and all significant travel destination markets across the globe.
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Today’s meetings expand beyond geographic borders.  Your most important stakeholders live and work across the globe.  Meetings and events play a critical role in engaging them and achieving your business goals.

Worldwide meeting planning creates exciting new opportunities, but also brings new challenges.  We get it – because we have decades of global meeting planning experience, no really, we’ve likely been there – Paris, Argentina, Budapest, Maui, Norway, Monte Carlo, St. Petersberg, just to name a few from this year alone 🙂

Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel & Incentives helps our clients identify, vet and hand-select partners throughout the world.  As your event and travel services partner, we can help you solve your toughest event management challenges.

  • Making your event culturally relevant. Planning events in multiple locations across the globe also means designing consistent, but unique event experiences that work in each location. Often, your event has locations and audiences in many different countries, but it still needs to drive the same key metrics. To achieve this, you need flexibility to design an experience that is relevant and interesting to guests in each of those countries.
  • Successful negotiating in different business cultures. Even in today’s global economy, there are no standard business practices for contract negotiations. Some cultures favor more explicit negotiations, while others require implicit communication that make it difficult to know when, or if, you can ask for concessions. Our team has experienced members who understand how to negotiate in these countries — and know how to get you the best possible rates and terms.

Finding the right on-the-ground resources. The best worldwide meeting planning can fail with the wrong local partners.

Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel & Incentives knows the right on-site support teams to deliver exceptional guests experiences that respect local customs and cultures.

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