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We are event architects

At Destinations by Design, we will help you create a powerful story and an awe-inspiring event experience that captivates your audience and provides you with measurable results.

Whether you are planning a Corporate Sales Meeting, Board Meeting, Fund Raising Event, or Group Incentive Trip…. Every event begins with a “purpose”…. Every event has a reason for it’s existence.

We always ask the first question of our clients who approach us to support their events….“WHY?”

Once we can answer the “WHY” of the event, our team can begin to design an event to accomplish that WHY!

Know your objectives…. Know your meeting’s purpose, and let our team design the event to fulfill those objectives with strategies to engage, enlighten, entertain, or educate, depending on your “WHY”!


We have an unparalleled sourcing network of professionals, this allows us to assemble a custom team to deliver incomparable results to every aspect of your event.

When you partner with us, we ensure that your business objectives are met, and that your attendees receive the highest possible level of service throughout their experience with your event.

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Our Full Event Design Services include:
  • “Event Design” is a concept of taking specific goals & objectives of a company event and designing an environment, structure, and interactivity of attendees to best achieve the most positive measureable results for your company ROI
  • Strategically work to align the event purpose with your corporate objectives
  • Define roles and responsibilities to ensure a team oriented approach
  • Bring in our most talented vendors who understand our approach and support our client’s mission
We’ve helped clients design, plan and execute events around the globe. Our extensive Full Event Design Services expertise can help you:
  • Design an environment to meet and exceed objectives
  • Save time on sourcing research to find the right site and venue options
  • Negotiate the best terms, cutoff dates and rates
  • Maximize budgets and minimize unforeseen expenses
  • Protect your organization with contract language that mitigates potential exposure
  • Bridge communication, language and cultural barriers
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Successfully serving clients since 2000, we are your full service design company providing cost effective & creative planning.

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