If you’re creating, planning and managing events – experience matters!

Every event begins with a purpose! To raise funds, To reward employees, To entertain clients, To educate, To Celebrate… and knowing and understanding that specific purpose is what allows our team to help design and create an event that provides maximum results.

Often, days, weeks, months can go into planning a special event that is only scheduled to last a few hours, but in those few hours, you strive to be impactful in delivering your purpose. Having a partner like Destinations by Design at your side to share experiences, and provide resources can be your most invaluable tool!

Think about the best event you’ve ever attended. The event everyone’s still talking about today.

When it comes to planning a successful event, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We recognize that each event is as unique as the business itself. We listen to our clients to ensure that their message – and their brand – remains at the heart of their event.

No matter where you are in the event planning process, our team can provide the precise level of service you need to make your event – and you – successful.

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Effective Customer Events

We understand that…. Your events should deepen your customer and employee relationships and improve your bottom line.

We understand that…. The most effective customer events will:

  • Drive customer loyalty. Great client events build stronger bonds with your current customers — leading to lasting and profitable relationships. Even downtime at your customer conferences is critical – 81% of executives believe that bonding with customers outside of official conference events is important to long-term relationships.
  • Generate referrals.  Happy and impressed clients are an excellent source of word of mouth marketing and new business referrals. Word of mouth from your customers is the primary factor of up to 50% of all purchasing decisions. Client events cultivate and strengthen those referral relationships. Memorable customer events equip your biggest advocates with something to talk about.
  • Educate current customers. Your events are an excellent opportunity to position your company as an expert your customers can rely on. When your customers are learning something valuable, your event becomes something much more relevant to them than a sales pitch.
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