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Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel are proud to have saved our client partners millions of dollars through proactive up-front contract negotiations.  As a frequent and respected industry partner, our team is able to secure lucrative agreements for our clients.  Engaging us early in your planning process to talk to suppliers will provide a better choice of properties and rate flexibility and concessions.

Similar to Venue Site Selection, the overall event design plan must ask critical questions prior to determining potential locations suitable to host your event… Who are your audiences? What are their demographics? What is the purpose of their attendance? What impact does your company expect to achieve following this event? Knowing how to match your audience to the appropriate accommodations goes a long way to making your attendees comfortable and open to a conducive environment. This will ultimately impact your ROI of your event.

We are hospitality insiders and understand the big picture.

Before we start negotiating your hotel program, it’s important to understand the main factors that influence pricing in the industry and what we are likely to achieve. These include market conditions, what hotels are looking for in terms of volume commitment, and your company’s anticipated activity for the year ahead. Understanding these factors allows us to negotiate with hotels more effectively to achieve rates that better match your company’s accommodation needs and budget.

Engaging Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel & Incentives to talk to suppliers early will provide a better choice of properties and greater rate flexibility and concessions.

Full service event planning company
Full service event planning company
Our Accomodation & Lodging Services include:
  • Determine group attendee demographic makeup in order to source appropriate properties
  • Historical analysis to build basis of purpose
  • Custom RFP and site review to set expectations early in the process
  • Site visit with client to determine if venue exceeds expectations.   Can environment be designed to achieve objectives
  • Contract negotiation
We’ve helped clients select lodging from small group meetings to global national sales meetings. Our extensive accommodations expertise can help you:
  • Develop an overall best strategy to determine price points and inclusions
  • Save time on sourcing research to find the right hotel or resort options
  • Negotiate the best terms, cutoff dates and rates
  • Maximize budgets and minimize unforeseen expenses
  • Protect your organization with contract language that mitigates exposure
  • Bridge communication, language and cultural barriers

Hospitality Insider’s Insight

Before launching into negotiations, it’s important to know where hotels stand in the negotiation process and what outcomes they are trying to achieve.

Typical questions asked include: “Has the client stayed with us before?” “ How many room nights did they book and how much revenue did we generate?” And, of course the ultimate question: “How can we leverage more business from them?” These questions are an important part of the hotel yielding process for their inventory.

As much as a hotel wants to lock in your business for the year, they need to ensure it is at the right price so as not to dilute their average room rate. They will therefore keep a close eye on your room night volumes, monitoring regularly to ensure you are tracking towards your room night targets.

Hotels also want to know if there are opportunities to generate more revenue from your company, so they will look at your meeting and conference needs. This is a win-win situation as we can often negotiate enhanced value (or value adds) for your event booking, while the hotel benefits from further expenditure on items such as catering and AV equipment hire.

Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel & Incentives can help you quantify your business.

It’s important to know what hotels are looking for from your company. Prior to negotiations, we can help you look at the fundamentals of your travelling guests.

Providing hotels and resorts with information on your overall productivity figures i.e. your expected booking volume for the year, will assist greatly when negotiating. If your company has any upcoming projects or major events to be held in certain locations, consider the extra room night volume and how this can help boost your negotiations. We can help you sharpen rates further with the hotel, or source additional options.

Our team will guide you through the negotiation strategies to help built the best approach to achieve your objectives and add value to your hotel program.

Destinations by Design/George Kun Travel & Incentives will:

  • work closely with your business to understand your room night volume and report on your room nights to help your business track its accommodation spend
  • take a targeted approach to identify the best selection of properties for your business in each city based on proximity to your offices, standard of accommodation required, and budget
  • identify the opportunities for your business to reduce costs by negotiating value add inclusions to help save costs on ancillary services
  • pinpoint areas of hotel consolidation to optimize leverage
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